About The Book

Warriors are ageless and timeless and they have appeared throughout history. Some are well known and others are not. Here is a story that many of you may not believe. It took place fifty years ago and our Act of One warrior is a sixteen-year-old high school student named Bruce A. Tully.

Bruce grew up tough in an urban working class family. He grew up in what some people called the “blue collar ghettos,” one of the ethnic neighborhoods of New Jersey. Oil refineries and chemical plants surrounded the neighborhood. Smoke stacks billowed across the meadowlands.

Where he lived didn’t matter. Who people thought he was didn’t matter. At sixteen years of age he knew these opinions really didn’t matter. He had strong convictions and refused to let anything stop him from trying to accomplish the impossible. He had the heart of a warrior. He began to fulfill his mission against all odds.

Some people called him a hero. His teachers didn’t understand him or his passion to persevere and school administrators threatened him with suspension from school.

His parents had little time to offer their support. His mother had her hands full. She worked and took care of his brother and sister who were both under the age of six. She fondly thought of Bruce as a dreamer and didn’t want him to be hurt. His father traveled for his job and was frequently away from home; however, in the beginning as Bruce’s mission began to unfold he felt that Bruce was wasting his time. In the end his father came around and fully supported him as he became personally involved.

In spite of significant obstacles along the way Bruce chose to keep moving forward and remain focused on his mission. He was courageous and he persevered. Turning points were encountered, like forks in the road, moments that presented choices where he could keep going or stop, where he could remain honest or lie for his supposed advantage. Bruce chose to keep going and maintain his integrity.

What he accomplished was amazing. He is an example of how one person can bring an idea into form without having a clue as to how to make it happen, of how a mission can be made real against all odds!

Throughout his quest Bruce persevered and he gathered strength as he believed in himself and his vision. In spite of the obstacles he encountered he worked hard and found support that came from many powerful people including industry leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, national news reporters, astronauts and the President of the United States. Imagine what it took for a sixteen-year-old boy to have these powerful allies who offered their encouragement and help.

This young warrior and his experiences are examples of what is possible. One person can make a difference. He shows us that commitment and focus on a mission takes courage, vision and is transforming.

Following Bruce on his journey will show you how he came to understand his purpose and how he learned to trust what he believed to be true. He demonstrated how anyone can be a warrior. You don’t have to be a fantasy character or super hero to accomplish what appears to be impossible. Anyone can fight for what he or she believes regardless of age.

All it takes is an Act of One!

Join us now on Bruce’s amazing and miraculous journey!